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Posted by lily suarez on Thursday, August 14, 2014

In this short article I'll explain the steps to create a really cute and easy updo for medium length hair. I have long hair, but I tried this hairstyle on others (who have medium length) and it worked perfectly! This style could be worn to a wedding, prom, date, or any special occasion.

My favorite thing about this hairstyle is that my bangs are not in my eyes. I can't stand when I have to keep fixing my bangs while talking to people. This tutorial will walk you through the steps I took to creating this simple updo.

For this hairstyle you will need:
Curling iron or wand- Hairspray- Teasing comb or brush- Lots of bobby pins- small hair tie or rubber band - some ribbon or a headband

Follow these eight easy steps to create this Updo for Medium Length Hair:

Step One: Curl your hair (I used a one inch curling wand).

Step Two: Section off your bangs. Then tease them so you can make a cute poof. The next thing is bobby pin your bangs on either side of the poof so they meet in the center. (The bobby pins will create an X)

Step Three: Take a small section of hair from the crown of your head. (For a little more volume tease this section) Then make a small ponytail with this section using a hair tie or rubber band.

Step Four: Split the little ponytail into three or four sections (depending upon how thick your hair is). Then take one of the sections an hold straight up, using your thumb and index finger. Next hold on to a couple strands of hair and push the rest the section down with your other hand and pin.
Repeat this for the next 2 or 3 sections.

Step Five: Next take a section from the side of your head and twist towards the curls you made in step four. Pin the twist as close to the ponytail as you can.

Step Six: Repeat step five for the other side of your head.

Step Seven: Take sections from the bottom of your head and pull it up to where the group of curls is. Then pin as close to the ponytail as possible.

Step Eight: The last step is hairspring your hair. Add a ribbon around your head and tie in a bow. This adds a fancier look.

This hairstyle is so cute for any special occasion. To polish this look, add a sparkly pair of earrings. I hope that this tutorial helped for your big day!

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